Spiritual and Emotional Healing 


Coaching for individuals and couples to help them in their life and relationships. 

Life Coaching 

Do you need help from a coach to give you guidance in life? Do you feel stuck? Not sure where or what to do next? Let Barbara help you get from point A to point B. 

Sessions are 1 hr done in person, over phone, Skype or Zoom. 

Relationship Coaching 

Are you having issues within your relationship with your partner? Feeling frustrated, irritated that your partner isn't listening to you? Let Barbara help you gain clarity as to what's really at the core in yourself that's causing this! 

Spiritual Guidance 

Have you recently waken up? Experienced a kundalini awakening and are confused as to what is happening to you? Are you now realizing false truths and dogmas associated with religion have blinded you to real truths? Let Barbara be your Spiritual Guide to help you understand you are not alone!  

What our customers are saying

Barbara has helped me more than clinical therapists I've seen over the years. She has this ability to get right into the core so fast it's unbelievable. WOW, is all I can say. You gotta give her the chance to help you. And BTW she is worth it! 

Heather and V. 

Service Prices

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Monthly Service


Per Month

One Month Package 

1 hr session

Once per week for 4 weeks




Weekly Service


Per 1hr Session 

Best for General Upkeep

1 hr session

Individual scheduling 




Three Month Package 


3 Months

Best Package Offer

1 hr session

Once per week for 12 weeks